First AMI Lateral Reinstatement Van Build Meets All Client Requirements

AM Industrial (UK) Ltd (AMI) is pleased to announce that it recently supplied a fully fitted lateral reinstatement vehicle to DALROD (UK) Ltd. The vehicle, based on a medium high roof Mercedes sprinter van, which was free-issued to AMI by DALROD having been pre-painted in the company’s standard colour, required bespoke installation of a new robotic cutter system and supporting CCTV pipeline inspection system. The design was finalised after careful consultation with the client.

This client consultation highlighted several requirements for the new van build that DALROD deemed particularly important. First, the finished vehicle needed to be totally self-sufficient out in the field. It was also important that the vehicle should not only work effectively for long periods but also allow the operators to work in total safety whilst achieving maximum productivity. To ensure that the vehicle met not only its operating requirements but also those of the crews that would be using it, the operators were given significant opportunity to influence the design during the design and build process. Furthermore, the vehicle had to be durable. This was achieved by lining the van with a robust speed lined coating that would last and which could be easily cleaned and maintained.

The vehicle also had to accommodate a full Dancutter robotic lateral re-opening system designed to operate in pipelines from 100 mm to 600 mm diameter. The cutter had been specially purchased by DALROD to support its existing and future pipe lining works, including a third party hire option that the company now offers. To this end the vehicle has not been liveried to DALROD just left in the company’s basic colour scheme. This also had to be able to be stored and operated alongside the AMI camera system that was also being installed as part of the van fit-out. The AMI CCTV equipment installed in the vehicle is designed to operate as a full survey system which will not only monitor the robotic cutter operation but also be able to complete both pre- and post-lining and reopening surveys. The CCTV control console unit can operate all AMI camera heads from the SP50 push rod camera for use in pipes from 100 mm diameter through to the SP100 Pan & Rotate camera for pipe sizes up to 600 mm diameter.

Storage for all ancillary and project support equipment as well as ongoing spares for onsite maintenance was also needed. DALROD also specified that, because of the requirement to work long hours on site, all ancillary items had to have a dedicated storage area which included custom-built cupboards and drawers for equipment right down to the last nut and bolt.

A rear surveillance camera was fitted so that operations and site area to the rear of the van can be fully observed and kept safe throughout the work process from the control station during works. An on-board back-up battery with a pure sine wave inverter was fitted to ensure that this camera equipment could work independently and allow a low voltage LED safety flood lighting system to be installed to cover the work area.

Of course, having the robotic cutter and the CCTV system on-board meant that relevant power sources were also necessary. This was achieved by installing an on-board generator which also required a fume extraction system. Also fitted was an on-board compressor with both heat and fume extraction systems. To minimise the noise output from the vehicle that might be created when utilising these power systems, the compressor/generator compartment was noise insulated.

Mike Pollard of DALROD (Cambridge) said of the new vehicle: “We think this totally self-contained lateral reinstatement vehicle is probably one of the most practical and cost-effective currently in use in the UK marketplace. Once commissioned it has had to perform and deliver high productivity. So during the build process one of the major design drivers was that everything was right whatever the cost. This we think we have achieved most successfully.”

Arthur Jones, operations Director for AMI, who was responsible for overseeing the build process said: “AMI was pleased to be awarded the project by DALROD. AMI has delivered several purpose built survey vehicles but this was the first lateral reinstatement vehicle that we have been called upon to provide. We were also pleased that the vehicle was delivered on time whilst still fully meeting the very high specification required by DALROD.”

The vehicle was custom-built at AMI’s Manchester facility and during the build process DALROD was kept fully informed on a weekly basis by way of a progress report and stage photographs.

According to Mike Pollard, since commissioning, the vehicle has been in constant operation and as a company DALROD has been very pleased with the vehicle’s performance. The vehicle will also be on show at the forthcoming dt Exhibition in September and is currently available for hire from DALROD.

The control station in DALROD’s new specially designed Lateral reinstatement van.

The ‘business end of the new van showing the compressor and generator used to power the lateral cutting robot.

The new van in action on site.



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